HERSHEY'S Shelf Stable Milk is premium grade 'A' fluid milk. It requires no refrigeration until the package is opened.

Ordinary milk is typically heated to 161° F during pasteurization and packaged in a carton or plastic container. After cooling, bacteria begins to take a toll on the milk and refrigeration is immediately required to slow spoilage.

Shelf Stable Milk (also known as U.H.T. milk) uses a different process. The milk is heated to 282° F (thus the term Ultra High Temperature or U.H.T.) during pasteurization eliminating all bacteria in the process. Using Aseptic Technology the milk is packaged in a special container that seals out light and air.

The taste is the same.
The texture is the same.
The color is the same.

Only the process is different.

Because of the U.H.T. process and aseptic packaging, shelf stable milk remains fresh for months, not days. Once the container is opened it reacts like regular milk and must be refrigerated.