HERSHEY'S Shelf Stable Milk is environmentally friendly compared to ordinary refrigerated milk.

Refrigerated milk requires refrigeration throughout the supply chain.

From the moment Shelf Stable Milk is packaged it no longer requires refrigerated storage or refrigerated transportation. Shelf Stable Milk only requires refrigeration after opening. It has a much lower impact on the environment compared to refrigerated milk.

The special aseptic brik container is 75% paper, 5% aluminum and 20% polyethylene. It is 4% package and 96% contents. Compare this to the egg which is 13% package and 87% contents. The shape and strength of this container also means our products can be shipped more efficiently. They require less space, fewer trucks, less fuel and energy. This equates to reduced CO2 emissions.

In 1996 the aseptic package received the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development. It is the only package to ever receive this coveted environmental award.